Apr. 30, 2016

By Dale Fielder

I chose Resilience as the title for our CD, because it aptly describes the love of playing together that binds Jane Getz, Bill Markus, Thomas White and I together through all these years to maintain the consistency and viability of the Dale Fielder Quartet.  Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity.  I am truly grateful to the dedication Jane, Bill and Thomas have shown to the DFQ.  In spite of all the obstacles, we continue on and show no signs of letting up or stopping. That is what the plus (+) sign is for next to the year 2015 in the subtitle for the CD.  On the inside jewel card, you will find the back cover of our very first CD together when Jane joined us, "Dear Sir: Tribute To Wayne Shorter" from 1996.  That CD put all of us on the map and is my biggest seller to this day!  When we first started together back in the 1990s, conditions were more favorable for jazz musicians.  It seemed we were right on the cusp of making it: recording, touring; -being able to devote most our time to the group and actually make a living at the same time.  However the music business changed and since the 1990s, the gigs and opportunities are marginalized and fewer with every passing year.  I am thankful that even though 2016 has proved the most challeging year thus far in terms of finding work, we still manage enough to maintain our continuity as a band.  I laughingly tell the band, the time lag between gigs now are so bad that it's like we have to start all over again with each gig to remember the tunes etc.!  It is really unfortunate that we all have to do other things to make a living.  I guess that's what makes playing in the DFQ so special.  It's our one opportunity to stretch and play the way we each want to.  So we are always excited and enthused whenever we play because we have shared many moments of musical magic whenever we come together as one!   As always, we promise to deliver to you the authentic jazz musical EXPERIENCE. We're not just playing standards etc., we are continuing the tradition of the masters of jazz of bringing you new and original jazz music. Jazz that is connected to the past, but tailored-made for the 21st Century; -to inspire you and help you fulfill and fuel YOUR dreams! Without YOU the listener, it is all pointless and cannot happen.  It's all about YOU, our audience!  And we are ever in supreme readiness to put you into a jazz trance and transport you as far as your imagination can go! 


~Dale Fielder